Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dukan Diet 72 Foods List | Attack Phase

If you are looking for the 72 Dukan Diet foods for the attack phase of the diet, keep reading.

Of the four phases of the Dukan Diet, it is during the first two, the attack and cruise phases that you will lose weight. The other two phases the consolidation and stabilization phases are to maintain and protect that hard earned weight loss.

In his new Dukan Diet Cookbook which is a recipe book created by the Doctor, there are his own recipes and those submitted by avid fans of the diet whose creativity and recipe ideas impressed him. The cookbook focuses on attack and cruise recipes - the pure protein recipes to help you get through the attack phase of the diet with enjoyment as well as those recipes that combine protein and vegetables.

Doctor Dukan has included a list of 100 Safe Foods that you can eat in unlimited quantity between the first two phases of the diet. The first 72 Dukan approved foods are the proteins. These are the foods that you can eat during the attack phase of the diet. These are the ONLY foods you can eat while attacking. You can eat as much as you want - it's like an all-you-can-eat buffet of delicious foods but you must stick to the foods on the list. Dukan makes it clear in his book that in his thirty years of practice, he has had time to ensure that he isn't overlooking foods so stick closely to the food categories and specific proteins and vegetables that the doctor indicates. These are non-negotiable.
Also not negotiable is the amount of water you must drink on the Dukan Diet. 1.5 literes or 48 ounces of water daily. It is crucial to drink enough water during your diet, particularly the attack phase so that you are properly nourishing and flushing out your system.
We will go into more detail on why drinking so much water is important in another post. Just make sure you drink enough water each day on the Dukan Diet.

While on the subject of non-negotiable items on the Dukan plan - it is important to mention physical activity. It is required that you do minimum 25 minutes of walking each day while on the diet. Doctor Dukan goes as far as to prescribe this physical activity as he considers it very important to your success on the diet.

During the attack phase, it is incredibly important that you have all of the foods and enough of them on hand at all times during this challenging phase of the diet. You will lose the most weight during this phase if you don't cheat. You can eat unlimited quantity of the approved proteins, herbs, vinegars and non-fat dairy items so take advantage of that. It is recommended that you eat even before you are hungry so that you don't find yourself getting to the point where you will just eat anything or crave things that are not on the 72 safe food list for the Dukan Diet. On the first day, Dukan advises eating more than you normally would to compensate for the adjustment of not having the foods that you normally eat.

Although it is challenging to stick to the list of 72 foods if you are not a major protein lover - the Dukan cookbook offers so many recipes that it certainly won't go boring. Proteins are transformed with creamy non-fat dairy spices made with potent spices and herbs. Curry powders and garlic take shrimp and chicken to another level. Tuna carpaccio is a hit with a bit of soy sauce and tarragon vinegar, herbs and a few other simple ingredients. There is even a Dukan bread recipe and the very important Dukan pancake recipe that allows you to get enjoy a treat while getting in your required daily amount of oat brand while on the Dukan Diet.

Now for the 72 Protein Foods List - These are 72 Foods safe to eat in unlimited quantities on every phase of the diet.
Meat and Offal
Beef Steak
Filet of beef
Sirloin Steak
Roast Beef
Rump Steak
Bresaola (air dried beef)
Veal escalope
Calf's liver
Veal Chop
Cooked ham slices (no fat, no rind)
Cooked chicken and turkey slices (no fat, no rind)
Fat reduced bacon
Game - Venison, pheasant, partridge, grouse
Dab/Lemon sole
Dover sole
Fish roe - Cod, Salmon, Herring, Mullet
Grey Mullet
Rainbow Trout/Salmon Trout
Red Mullet
Sea Bass
Sea bream
Smoked Salmon
Dublin Bay prawns
Mediterranean prawns/ Gambas
Seafood sticks - surimi
Chicken livers
Guinea Fowl
Hen's eggs
Quail's eggs
Virtually Fat-Free Dairy Products
Skim milk
Virtually fat-free quark
Virtually fat-free fromage frais
Virtually fat-free cottage cheese
Fat-free greek yogurt
Fat Free natural yoghurt (plain or no-sugar sweetener only)
Vegetable Protein

During the attack phase you will also have one and a half Tbsp of oat bran per day. You can eat this in the form of a Dukan galette.
In another post we will look at the additional 28 foods - the 28 Vegetable list that complete the 100 Natural foods for the attack and cruise phases that you can eat in unlimited quantities. Hopefully, you found the Dukan Diet 72 Foods list helpful for your attack phase.


  1. Fine - but it doesn't work unless you count the calories. Trust me.

    1. dude. My aunt lost over 50kg in 6 months and shes over 60... This isn't some before after internet pic. I know her, She eats like a 16 year old boy home from boarding school, she parties like a rock star, its friggin amazing! saw her yesterday for the first time since she started. WOW! all that's left to say is; 'I'm in!'

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    3. Not true!! I lost 10 pounds in the first 5 days eating as much as I wanted!.. chicken with cream sauces.. deviled eggs..turkey bacon..cream cheese roll ups..(all out of non-fat versions of course... but Delicious and the weight is still falling off and I do not deprive myself.. As Dr Dukan says... keep eating and don't get hungry!

    4. i am in week 6 an i have dropped 7 solid kilos. 5 weeks/kilos to go and i can consolidate!

    5. I am the same, Moonstar! I have eaten soo much food, no calorie counting whatsoever, I had one fruit fat free yogurt a day and some days also 2 flavored yogurts. Eat what you want! Stick with no fat, high protein, lower carbs and sugars. I love 14 lbs in 7 days. It works, eat up!!!!

    6. You don't have to count the calories on this diet, that is made very clear throughout.

    7. I last 30 lbs in four weeks and am never hungry. Miss my cookies though.

    8. NOT true. I never counted any thing and lost 53 lbs!

  2. Not true Pete99, My Boyfriend and his sister in law have lost 9 stone between them, neither counted calories.

  3. not true you dont need to count calories... the concept is the food you are eating burns more calories to digest so the more you eat the more your body is working out.... so the 72 foods are unlimited except eggs you should have more than 2 a day

    1. Tha is the most stupid thing Ive ever read. Flat out.

      The attack works because, even though youre allowed to eat as much as you want, its hard to overeat on, lets say, roast beef. And because youre not putting any carbs or watery vegetables in your system, youre not binding any water. Its basically a one week-flush out, you lose some water weight and some fat weight.

  4. You can have as many egg whites as you like though. Remove the yolk and poach...lovely

    1. this is good to know, just waiting on the books to come, so i can get started, any tips for week 1? i managed to get wheat bran out of asda, tesco do an organic oat bran, need to try pic that up!

  5. Pete is right. The Dukan diet is absolutely also based on calorie restriction. About 900 in fact. Like all fad diets, calorie restriction is necessary to see results. You can't eat 8 steaks a day and think you are going to lose weight. Absurd!

    1. You can eat 8 steaks a day and still lose weight. Dukan is based on ketones due to restricted carb and fat intake.
      So, if you follow the foods and only eat the cut if steak suggested, then 8 per day shouldn't be an issue.

    2. Sorry... but I am on the Dukan diet and I haven't been able to lose weight on any calorie counting diet! I haven't counted one thing and I have been eating a lot, just like Dr. Dukan says to do... no deprivation here!!

      I have been on it for just under 3 weeks and have lost a ton of weight!!

      Why is it that people who haven't tried the diet think that they are an authority on it????

  6. I reduce some meats on my meals. Im on the vegetables diet now.

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  7. Some of what Pete says might be true. I have not been counting calories and to begin iwth lost nearly 20lbs in three months. Since then I have hovered at the 25lb mark to 30lb and cannot get any lower. I started back last summer and have a thyroid problem so any weight loss was god sent. I would just like to see some more weight come off. Although my daughter has lost 40lbs. Nearly 3 stone.

  8. I only have 10lb to lose to get to 8st 7lb, I work out loads and this was last resort, Today 3rd morning in I have lost 2 & 1/4 pounds, unbelievable, last week I starved myself ate celery and drank green tea for a day & did an hour work out & lost 1/4 pound.... Very impressed and I also do not at meat,just fish & quorn. Very happy will continue!

  9. Hi everyone, I just started looking at this about an hour ago and can't seems very promising. I have gained 25 lbs in the past 7 months just by working night shifts at the hospital. I do work out 2-3 times a week, but my weight keep increasing...I'm so afraid to go on scale. I'm still hopeful :)... any suggestion on how to start my phase 1 and be successful? Cheers,
    Noosh, Toronto, Canada

  10. Hi, my coworker started three days ago and she lost 2 pounds I am almost done with my first day. It wasnt bad at all. I got some deli meats heated them up and had it with mustard. Another coworker put us on to it she lost over 30 fopr a wedding. So Im hoping to loose 40 for my cousins. I had a baby at 35 now 39 and weigh thesamewhne I had her. I am sick with it. I also walk my lunch hour. Make sure you take your vitamins. It helps she said.

  11. I have loved this diet...have lost about a stone and kept it off for seven months. I did not count calories, but followed the program carefully and still employ the principles of it. I have lost all I really needed to lose, and I have a thyroid issue so this is amazing...
    I haven't been able to lose any weight for the last few years, only Dukan had been successful for me.

  12. I am on my third day and down three pounds. I haven't began my workout sessions, but plan to begin soon. What are you guys referring to when you say "stones"? Just curious. I have followed the diet exactly although I'm not sure if the yogurt I'm eating is allowed. I have a low fat fruit flavored yogurt which has fruit pieces inside. I am also struggling to remember the oat bran daily. Any overall suggestions?

    1. yogurt with fruit pieces isn't allowed.. the fat free ones that are flavored, such as vanilla, lemon, lime... and sweetened without sugar are allowed. I take the fat free plain and add a little stevia, (natural sweetener), and some coconut extract and this is really yummy if you like the flavor of coconut, or you could add any flavor extract.

    2. Hello! I actually ate Yoplait light in any flavor I wanted, some days two a day but I didn't get the fruit loaded kind, mostly the flavored ones, lime, lemon, coconut, etc. I have lost 14 lbs in 7 days...amazing!I added a few things to the diet, like, nonfat mayo, fat free american cheese slices, olive oil for all fried meats. You just have to limit the yogurts but I had almost two a day. I like to take plain or vanilla fat free yogurt and use my lemon flavoring. It's a dessert! In his book Dr. D does say if you eat a fruit yogurt, limit yourself to 8 oz/day, one yogurt.

  13. Natural Diva,
    You can only use non fat plain yogurt. The kind with fruit has way to much sugar. I use non fat greek yogurt with splenda and mix in the oat bran. It's pretty good.

  14. natural diva
    stones is a weight term, depends where you are in the world to how you refer to weight. eg - stones and pounds, pounds or kgs.

  15. i started the diet yesterday and i weighed my self this morning and ive lost 3.4 kgs already

  16. Today is Friday and I started on Monday. I have already lost 12 lbs. One of my close friends has lost 68 lbs in 4 months and I can't believe how different he looks. He inspired me to try this and I am so thankful.

  17. I really want to try this diet, I have about 50lbs to lose and I think this diet might work for me. Can anyone tell me how long I should stay on phase 1?

    1. go to this link

  18. I thought low fat cheese was also allowed?

    1. All fat free dairy products are allowed as long as they don't have sugar in them :)

    2. The key is NON fat not low fat!

  19. Linda
    I have no willpower and my weight showed it :{ i find this diet fairly painless. Two days down and I lost 4 lbs. No counting calories either. Love it

  20. i am vegan, how am i going to do this? please help!!

    1. wont be real easy unless you really like tofu.. I love it myself and can find a hundred different ways to fix it....

      Then you can add tons of vegetables from the list... I would think that fat free soy milk would be allowed too... I will have to do some more research on this.. but it can be done :)

  21. I am a total believer in whatever principle protein diets work on ... ever since the first biology class i took i realized that this whole nonsense of making carb the number 1 food group has to be insane because head to toe we are primarily protein and fat! the only thing we need sugars for is mental work and even for that we dont need the amount an average person takes in carbs these days! as for personal experience i tried calorie counting and exercising for yearsssss and unless you are crazy disciplined it is sooooooooooo slow and even if you stick to it for so long it takes toooooo long and brings down your caloric intake. Protein diets reset ur metabolism letting you eat more, actually make gymming easier cus guess what muscles are made of protein (go figure) anddddddd you can do only protein days to make up for the days you indulge. Seems fair to me! Plus I drink a lot more water now which must be healthier. For the vegan person I never gain when I eat soy flour pancakes but lentils kinda slow it down but tht might be just my physiology i dont mesh well with legumes and beans.

  22. Hi Everyone,
    I am planning to start the diet from tomorrow. Any suggestions from experienced ones is really welcome. I have never been on any diet and i have gained sooo much that i was to resort to dieting now. So help required


  23. Definitely need to count calories. Very overweight people who don't count calories will lose weight initially, mostly water. After that, it's Dukan foods, exercise and calorie counting. Dukan does not make a big issue re calories because in actual fact with such a high protein content the body experiences this as a natural appetite suppressant. Dukan depend on this happening. Nothing can overcome the rules - calories in = calories burned + calories stored.

  24. Can I make soup with mineral water and add sliced chicken breast pieces and hav during the attack phase in dukan?

  25. I lost seven pounds in three days of the attack on Dukan Diet. did not count cals at all. I also like the Dr. Peter D'Adamo "Eat Right for your Type" and the Dukan fits my meat eater type O blood. So I'm a happy camper. And those who eat Paleo are good too.

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  29. I'm a nurse who works night shift. I get the munches and eat throughout the night. What can I munch on during the attack phase while at work?

  30. After on this diet for 2wks, I lost the urge for snacks and cravings went away, but if we went to Lake for day or something, I made Turkey bacon. Take 4 slices of turkey bacon, cut in half, sprinkle with garlic powder, ancho chile powder, little spkenda brown sugar. I cover it with a plastic top I bought for microwave and cook 2 min. Makes a sonewhat sweet but crispy chip like snack. Every one at work loves it and is surprised it is healthy. B4 trying, they heard turkey bacon and

  31. Can you still continue the dual diet if your pregnant and just omit the things your not supposed to eat.