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Dukan Diet Attack Phase Menu

Dukan Diet Attack Phase Menu
What can I eat during the Dukan Diet attack phase?

The attack phase is the most difficult part of the Dukan Diet but also where you will lose the most weight. If you want to lose weight fast, you will want to stick to the guidelines of the Dukan Diet and not cheat. Avoid the off-limits ingredients and use the approved ingredients liberally.

Dr. Dukan believes strongly that you don’t need to eat junk, processed bars and protein shakes to lose weight. You can eat real, delicious food that is flavorful and satisfying. Your creative recipes and Dukan Diet menu ideas will make your diet more pleasurable and more successful. You can start with the menu ideas available on my site Pierre dukan diet and alter them to your own taste. If you follow the rules, you can eat whatever you want from the approved list whenever you want.

Some tasty and easy dishes that you will find that are tasty attack phase recipes are:
Garlic Lemon Grilled Chicken
Curry Shrimp with Basil
Dukan’s Floating Island
Lean Icy Vanilla “Milkshake”

Don’t forget to create your own versions of recipes you like omitting oil – try making a fish ceviche with lots of herbs, vinegar, and lemon juice. Egg white dishes will be your best friend. You can make scrambled egg dishes loaded with herbs or with shrimp or crab. You can also use egg whites for delicious desserts. Try making turkey meatballs with lean ground turkey meat, egg white, a bit of wheat bran or oat bran and all of the spices you love. You can also make burgers in the same way incorporating garlic and other spices into the lean ground beef so they are seasoned well before you throw them on the grill.

During the attack phase, it is important to have the recommended daily dosage of oat bran. You can take this either mixed into food like a sauce for example, or in the form of oat bran pancakes or oat bran gallettes (Oat Bran Pancake Recipe). You can also add it to water and drink the oat bran each day but it is very important during the Dukan Diet for weight loss and regularity to take your oat bran daily.

During your Dukan Diet attack phase, you will also want to drink plenty of water and do about 25 minutes a day of exercise. If you feel to weak to do the exercise, you are probably not eating enough and you can increase the amount of food you are eating. However, make sure you are sticking to lean protein dishes and not having sugar, excessive salt or other off-limits foods. You may not have fruit during the Dukan Diet until you have reached your goal weight and begin the consolidation phase of the diet. Fruit, although great for you, has a lot of sugar and will thwart your weight loss if you eat fruit during the attack phase of the diet. During the attack phase, you must also stay away from vegetables although you will be able to enjoy those as soon as you enter the cruise phase of the diet.

For more vital information and Dukan Diet recipe ideas, please visit: Dukan Diet Recipes

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