Friday, August 20, 2010

Dukan Diet Menu Ideas

What’s on the Dukan Diet Menu tonight?
If you are in the first phase of your Dukan Diet or the attack phase, you may be wondering what to make for dinner tonight. With the new French diet – the options appear to be fairly limited. How many recipes do you have for lean proteins? All you can eat is protein on the diet so you definitely have to get creative.

Do you have the Dukan Diet book? Dr. Dukan has recipes in the book but get ready because he is also releasing a Dukan Diet Recipe Book. The book releases September 16th in the U.K but currently doesn’t appear to have a U.S. release date.

I’d suggest watching ebay for people selling their copies once they arrive. The Dukan Diet recipe book is currently available for pre-order to the U.K. customers. Ebay is where I got my third in the “Millennium Trilogy” – “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” before it was available in the U.S.

Anyway – if you are looking for creative ways to eat lean protein, there are plenty of good recipes on the Internet. You are able to eat lobster and shrimp and other delicious items and Dr. Dukan is adamant that you continue to enjoy food and enjoy life while on the Dukan Method.

Although you can’t have butter while on the Dukan Diet, you can use dairy that is non-fat or very low fat so you can make non-fat creamy sauces to go with your proteins. Try rich non-fat yogurt dips using herbs and spices. Try adding fresh dill or tarragon to your yogurt or quark as a dip for grilled shrimp or beef. Add a squeeze of lemon juice to the yogurt for extra flavor. Salt must be used sparingly so don’t overdo it on the salt.

Obviously scrambled egg whites with any choice of fine herbs are a great option any time. You could add lobster or shrimp to you omelet for loads of flavor, texture and protein.
Don’t overlook sashimi, and approved ingredient ceviches for high protein, low-fat recipes. Light and refreshing – fish is surprisingly satisfying!

If you need a Dukan Diet dessert – look no further than your egg whites. These desserts are best made with liquid egg white products that are pasteurized and safe without the worry of salmonella or other problems. Dr. Dukan offers a few egg dessert recipes like “Floating Island” but you can basically make the egg whites into a milkshake with any sugar free syrup or flavoring you want. Make sure the flavoring does not have fructose.

I recommend mixing pasteurized liquid egg whites in the blender with stevia vanilla packets or extract and ice for a frothy, sweet Dukan Vanilla shake. You can see the recipe for the stevia egg white shake Dukan Recipes. This is excellent to add to your Dukan Diet menu to have right before bed. It’s great to add that extra kick of lean protein to your body right before you go to sleep.
Just remember when planning your Dukan Diet menu that the attack phase doesn’t last forever. It is difficult to retrain your body at first as you are likely used to and possibly addicted to sugar and salt and chocolate and processed foods. The fewer of these that you have, the less attached to them you will be.

Try to mix your Dukan Diet menu up so that you don’t get bored with the offerings. Start with the Dukan Diet Book to get recipe ideas, check some of the super easy recipes on my website, create your own and share recipes you make with others. There are some great duken diet websites that have user recipe contributions that are great resources for your meals.

Is the Dukan diet better than the South Beach Diet? That is for you to decide. Different diets work better for different people. Both diets have proven to offer great results for those who stick with them. Which diet will you stick with? For more info about Dukan Diet - Fast Weight Loss, read my article about the benefits click here. Make your Dukan Diet Menu exciting and tasty so that you will continue and be in it for the long haul!

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